Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hypervorean to Review for Into the Willows Magazine!

Yep, thought I ought to flaunt these news and do a bit of promoting at the same time.

I have just recently been in contact with Belle from Into the Willows Magazine and I have agreed to write two reviews for them to be published in their March issue. I think that is a little exciting! It will be the first time I get anything published outside of my own blog. So, Happy Days!

About Into the Willows Magazine
It is a rather new and small fantasy magazine edited by Belle DiMonté and Kay Chronister. So far they have published three issues (which are free to read on their site!) This is how they describe it themselves:
"An ezine devoted to fantasy, fey song, and ensorcelling verse! Into the Willows is published twice a  year on the equinoxes, and we would love to look over your submission. Into the Willows accepts poetry, reviews, fiction, and music in the genres of high fantasy, swords-and-sorcery, and epic fantasy. Please see guidelines below."
Taken from their website.

About the Reviews I Will Do
I will be doing two reviews for their March issue. I have already picked the lucky books and talked about it with their authors, so it is all set. Now I just need to complete the task before the deadline.

Book Choice #1: Captive of the Orcs by Benjamin Epstein
Book Choice #2: Raingun by John Blackport

In case I really hate one of the above (you never know) and would rather spare the author having a bad review flaunted in the magazine, or if one of the books does not get here in time for me to review it, I also have a couple of reserve choices. 

However, I will not mention those here as they in all likelihood won't get the chance anyway.

Captive of the OrcsRaingun
Maybe you should just head over to the magazine and read their first three issues? Or you can wait for the next issue which will be published on March 21st featuring my reviews.

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