Review Guidelines

At Dragonsworn Books I review novels within the fantasy genre.

I take reviewing quite seriously and I pride myself on being thorough and providing sufficient reasoning for my ratings and feelings about the books. All opinions voiced on this blog are my own - and above all I will be honest.

I do not write reviews to sell books, I write them to give readers my honest opinion on the book and a chance to decide for themselves whether they think it is worth bying or not.

It should be understood that Dragonsworn Books is driven completely as a free-time enjoyment. I need some kind of assurance as the quality of the work before I can accept it, otherwise it will become too much work and too little pleasure for me. Therfore I am hesitant to review anything self-published.

I will, however, happily hear from traditionally published authors or publishers of any size.

My Rating System
- I did not like it, pretty much wasted my time
- It was okay, but nothing special
- I liked it, it had some good elements
☆ - I really liked it, I will definitely recommend this book
★ - I loved it, everything was just right

Elements I Will Cover
Whenever I write a review there are certain things I will be sure to comment on. I have compiled a list of them for my own sake mainly, but I thought I could as well share them here so you might know what to expect. These are the things I will be sure to mention:
  • The language
  • The plot
  • The details
  • The universe
  • The main characters
  • The level of originality
  • The entertainment factor
  • The impact upon the reader (read: me!)
  • The greater consistency
  • My over all opinion and rating of the book

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  1. You said you prefer to review books from publishers you respect. If a soon-to-be-published author wanted an advanced review but has not as yet procured a publisher, where could this author find a list of publishers you respect, to keep in mind?