Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A New Beginning

I have been thinking hard about my comeback to the book blogging world and found that I needed a bit of a renewal. If you are a regular visitor, you will already have noticed the change.

Goodbye Numinous Publications
Numinous Publications by Hypervorean is a thing of the past. I loved that blog, but to be honest I never liked the name. It was a bit of a mess right from the start; The URL was too obscure, named after the pseudonym I was writing under - a name which never made much sense in the first place. It was the kind of blog that you had to know existed in order to find it.  So yes, it seemed like the logical thing to start over anew. 

Hello Dragonsworn Books...
Now, please take a look around this new baby. The URL is changed to something memorable and, I think, rather catchy. The layout of the blog has had a bit of a redo and it should hopefully appear a lot lighter and more welcoming. I have, however, kept all of my old posts and I will stay true to my good old style of reviewing.

...and(!) the Internet Book Review
Yes, that is right. I am now also a proud reviewer for the brand new Internet Book Review site. It is an ambitious new initiative from the hands of one Richard Saar who seem to really know what he is doing. The site can boast of a beatifully professional-looking layout and lots of high quality book reviews within various genres. I will personally be providing a few of the reviews in the fantasy department. All of my reviews will still be published here as well, but do head on over there and have a look at the site:

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