Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday News: Starting the New Year Strongly!

The new year is upon us and here at Numinous Publications I am already making the best of it. There are a lot of things in store for the blog. I will try to be brief.

Dance Of The Goblins (The Goblin, #1)Book Review of the Week:
First off, this week finally saw the publication of my first review of a Goodreads author's book, namely Jaq D. Hawkin's 'Dance of the Goblins'. This one was an interesting one to review. Find the post here.

In case it should catch your attention I found this free short story, 'Those Who Provide', set in the same universe, that I think you should check out. It can be found here. It is very short, but offers an interesting peak into the world of the goblins.

My New Goodreads Authors Agreements:
Two new agreements have been made this week, so this department is going very well. Allow me to introduce the authors:

Bloodlust: A Gladiator's Tale (Domains of the Chosen, #1)Judy Goodwin will be providing me with a copy of her brand new fantasy novel Heart of the Witch, which according to all evidence was just released in December of last year. I will apparently also be the first person to review it by the look of its Goodreads page, so I am really looking forward to that.

S.J. Faerlind is giving me the two first books in her trilogy Lirieia's Children, Prophecy and Affirmation, both just published last year as well and with the third one expected published in about 6 months. Another really interesting task that I will be embracing with enthusiasm.

Next one to be reviewed, which I am happily reading at present, is Bloodlust: A Gladiator's Tale by C.P.D. Harris.

The New Short Story/Novella Initiative:
Well, it is all well and good that I am reading and reviewing books. But I can only read so much text so fast. On average I will be publishing one book review a week. This, however, is not enough for my ambition. Therefore I am starting a systematic short story/novella review-process in addition to this.

Next week will be my trial run; I will be publishing a short review every day from Monday through Friday and if it turns out well this will be continued.

This also means that if you are/know a fantasy writer who would like to have a short story reviewed, send it my way! I'll take it all as long as it is reasonably short and within the high fantasy genre.

I have already been stacking up a bit on free ebooks from Amazon so I do have some material to start out with. I have for example already read two great stories, Jaludin's Road and The Corpse King, which will be reviewed Monday and Tuesday.

It's exciting stuff, I know!

Edit: I quite forgot, please contact me on mail - - I prefer Kindle versions where possible, otherwise PDF. The stories have to be published of course, independently or within an anthology. But do contact me and we'll discuss things.

Some Fiction by Hypervorean And Rising Numbers: 
Now, I have saved my more personal matter for last. This week just witnessed the publication of the first chapter of my novel in progress. In the course of a single day it sped up my statistics to become the most popular post of my blog so far. This I am particularly excited about.

Yesterday, the day of its publication, also set a new record for the number of visitors in one day. It is still not many compared to other blogs out there, but considering the short lifespan and narrow focus of Numinous Publications I am a thrilled. As long as it continues to grow, it doesn't matter if it happens slowly!

Anyway, if you missed the post yesterday, I'll give you a direct link to it: My First Chapter!

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