Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday News: The Dawn of Numinous Publications

I think I shall make this a regular thing; every sunday I will sit down and write a little summary of what has happened on Numinous Publications during the bygone week. That should be a nice little feature even if it will only serve as a reminder to myself.

So, what is there to say about this week?

This is the first week in the life of Numinous Publications in one way, and in another it really isn't. The blog has existed for a long time. Before this week it was called "Numinous Publications of a Faltering Personality", before that it was called something else that I cannot even remember myself. It is an ancient blog of sorts. That is also why you can still find a few old posts of questionable content, which I wrote in those old days. Okay, 2010 is maybe not that ancient, but let us let that fact lie in the dust.

Now I don't really feel like a "Faltering Personality" any longer. But obviously I loved the old name too much to change it completely. And I think it still suits the purpose of the blog. I will still be publishing things here, even if it is mostly going to be reviews and the like. And I will do so with the divine powers invested in me as a reader and reviewer of books.

I had another blog on wordpress for a while, but I changed back to this as it was a lot easier to work with. I had to pay money if I wanted to do any significant custumizations on the other platform, here I could do just the amount I needed for free. If anyone was wondering at my choise of host.

So this week saw the rise of "Numinous Publications by Hypervorean" from the ashes of the old useless blog. But what more did that entitle exactly?

Well, I had to create the whole thing. So far I have pushed the review section into a good start. I have published the two first reiews and is working on a third that is going to deal with the massively popular 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. So stay tuned for that!

Also I have done a bit of promotion/author fishing on Goodreads. I have already made agreements to review the works of two Goodreads authors. Namely:

Petteri Hannila, a Finnish writer who is in the progess of translating his short story collection 'Fargoer' into English. Once all eight stories have been published in English I will post my review of the collection as a whole. It is more of a historical fantasy than high fantasy, but I have deemed that it will fit the scope of interest of the blog perfectly. Check out his Goodreads profile.

Secondly there is the more routined British author Jaq D. Hawkins, whose book "Dance of the Goblins" is going to be reviewed here. It seems to be very different from the regular works of high fantasy, which is something I am very excited about. The review is estimated to be up in mid-January. Until then, Jaq D. Hawkins has published other books that might also be interesting to look into. Check out her Goodreads profile.

And why am I writing this news update like an interview?
I truly could not tell. It just felt right and natural somehow. My personality might still be a bit faltered after all. Or maybe it just that old habits die hard.

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